Privacy Policy

Action Direct (UK) Limited is a registered data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 No. |1874705.

Data Protection Act 1998

Action Direct (UK) Limited adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to all personal information collected from you and obtained about you. Action Direct (UK) Limited follows strict security procedures whenever your information is obtained and stored. Our online enquiry and application forms use the highest level of security.

Information Retention

Action Direct (UK) Limited will need to retain your information until your service is completed. We may also retain your details for a reasonable amount of time in order to send you information regarding other products and services we offer. We will not provide your data to third-parties - ever!

We will not retain any copies of hard documents or correspondence all of which will be shredded and disposed of securely via a certificated secure waste disposal process. You should ensure that you retain a copy of any document that you send us in case you require them in the future.

Use of Information

The information collected from you and about you will be used by us in order to provide you with the service/product you have chosen. We will need to collect certain personal information such as your name, address and email. This may be obtained either via our website or telephone. We will also need to obtain sensitive information from you and relative third parties that need to be contacted concerning your chosen product. You give consent for us to share your details with associated parties for the sole purpose of assisting you with your financial miss-selling claim.

In order to process an order, Action Direct (UK) Limited will be required to collection the following information:

  • Your name;
  • Your address;
  • Your phone number;
  • Your email address; and
  • Your credit/debit card details*

*All transactions are handled by Sage Pay Europe Limited and Action Direct (UK) Limited will never retain any information past the point of sale.

Your Consent

By submitting your personal information you consent to the use of that information as set out in this policy.

Should you have any questions about our privacy policy, please email us at