Frequenty Asked Questions

How much can I claim?

The amount you can claim will vary depending on your Bank / Lender but on a loan of £10,000 you may be able to claim around £2,000.

Can I speed up my claim?

With our Fast Track courier service, we will bring you your documents to read, sign and return and guarantee to commence your Claim within 48 Hours. If you still have any of the original paperwork it will save us having to wait to get copies from your Bank / Lender.

I'm not sure if I have PPI?

The majority of loans taken out in the last 6 years included some form of Payment Protection Insurance, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, Accident Sickness and Unemployment Cover, Life & Accident, or Credit Card Repayment Protection.

What will I have to do?

You will need to complete the online questionnaire and we will contact you to get the ball rolling.

Why can I claim back PI?

The FSA has recently fined a number of high street banks and lenders over the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance (P.P.I.). This means that if you have taken out a loan which had P.P.I. included there is a good chance you could get all your money back.

When will I get my money?

This all depends on the complexity of your claim. In some cases you may receive a cheque within a few weeks; however other Claims can take several months.

Can I claim if my loan is paid off?

Yes!... even if your loan has been paid off you can still make a claim.

Can I make more than one claim?

Yes... most people make several claims as they have had several Loans & Credit Cards in the last 10 years that included PPI cover.